ISPO 2009 Day 3 - Can you ISPO anymore? E-mail


Back for day three of the ISPO after a night of editing and posting.

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ISPO 2009 Day 2 - ISPO harder E-mail

So back for day two at ISPO 2009 where we broaden our horizons and really start to get going!

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Washaw meets Penthouse on PG Bikes E-mail

So guess what? Yours truly was walking in the isles of ISPO 2009 and spotted a few very cool bikes afar. Since we want to be open-minded and give our reports a little something extra, I just had to shoot that and I did. But that's not the point here... The point is, the guy from the booth (I'll ask his name tomorrow, because believe me, I'm going back there...) hands me a flyer. After studying it for a long time - it's been a short night - I realize it's not for some Penthouse party, but there actually is a booth with a few of the bikes and one of the models to go along with it... So here it is, check it out, it's worth it... Enjoy, we will do so again tomorrow! 


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ISPO 09 Day 1 "the summary" E-mail

ISPO 09 has officially began. The first contacts has been taken after a light tour of all the stands...

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ISPO 09 - On the road E-mail


Hello everyone! We've just arrived in Munich; Germany, for the 2009 edition of the ISPO (the biggest european trade and fair show about wintersports). We've spend all the day on the road, leaving from Nyon this morning towards St-Gallen in the first time, to meet our two mates, Cedric Doerig, our director, and Dany Baur, the Knight of (the swiss german website of the freeski community). Then, we've been moving through Austria then finally in Germany. He's a bunge of pictures took on an "pee stop" on the German Highway's.

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Montreux Jib Festival II E-mail

 Montreux Large

 On January 24th took place in Montreux, Switzerland, the second edition of the Montreux Jib Festival an urban freeski jib meeting, where demonstration and contest happens on a mini jib park build in the middle of the city, near de Geneva Lake. This years edition was little bit different. The organizers have double the park size adding a second line of jib module setting up a up-flat-down box, a pic-nic table box, a straight down rail, a road sign (used like a butter box) dans a wall ride a the end of the run. The particularity of this 2nd edition was the the competition took part in the Swiss-R-Project Tour, the only real Swiss Freeski Tour.

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