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Echosphere is the photographic division of the Washaw Group and is divided in two majors segments, “photography” and “journalism”. The photography part of it pursues several different purposes, such as:
  • Art photography, where we try to create from any scene or moment of life a work of art featured in a picture, divided in various categories such as “Nature”, “Environment”, “Sport”, “Lifestyle”, “Human Feelings” or “Urban Architecture”.
  • Marketing and promotional pictures for any brand, in order to help them present their new products through posters or advertisements, as well as supply pictures for their website.
  • Own purpose to help our riders management division in the creation of press-books, adding our pictures, giving more expression to the book since the pictures are made by the same people as those who create the press-book.
  • Festivals and galleries: the best pictures we take in a year sometimes ends up in art festivals, photographic contests, or exposition galleries, to allow us to reach the public and show them our interpretation of photography.
We try to capture the moment as we see it and experience it in our environment through Echosphere photography. The journalism and media part integrates perfectly with the world of photography, since both of them are directly linked. This segment is divided in two main categories:
  • Media coverage, where we go to diverse events to provide the media with a professional coverage, often adding a video to it (produced of course by Washaw Productions, our video production). Our media coverage starts from pictures only, or, as is often the case, the full enhanced package: article, photos, short video edit of the event, and many interviews of the principal actors.
  • Sports related article, where we prepare a full article on a predefined subject, with a longer time horizon, searching for the best pictures, as well as getting a profound understanding of the subject at hand, enhancing the way it is presented in order to create a powerful press item.
As always, we are looking to find a new way of relating the facts, such as promoting the sports which we work with, either on a national or international level. If one of the above statements seems to find an echo when reading it, you are in the right place. Look no further and send us an e-mail, so we can see how we can help you realize your project.
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