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The purpose of our work in the photographic and journalism industry is basically to help the media’s owner or publisher, newspapers, dedicated websites as well as magazines; to provide their readers with a high quality content about a specific event and/or a report about an athlete.

Athletes find with us the possibility of taking a photographer with them when they go out for practice or a shooting day, in order to provide them with several pictures about what they do best in their sport. These pictures can serve for their own purposes, or for their sponsors which would like to publish pictures of them on their own website, or even use them in a poster.

Sports related enterprises or any other type of company will find in echosphere a special something, very often different from other pictures, and providing “unique” images, shot from very special angles or if needed, classical pictures in order to fit the purpose of the picture as intended by our client. Whether you need pictures of your next corporate event, images for marketing purposes or to post on your website, do not hesitate to contact us, to share your ideas with us, and allow us to help you finding the best image to promote your company.

All events can be covered from many different points of view, and we try to provide our media partners with very precise reports and articles about events or other subjects in accordance to each of the partners’ philosophy. If you are a media owner or an event organizer, do not hesitate to check our publication references below and feel free to contact us for any requests about what you could need.

In short, we try to provide companies, athletes, media owners and event organizers with the best quality pictures and articles, for them to be able to continue what they do without having the concern of finding a way to get it and promote it.

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